Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hot Hot Hot Actor - Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

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So. Hi.

After a very long break, I hvae come back to my post as a blogger. And I bring to you a new, inspired subject (sarcasm): a hot hot hot actor!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Need I say more?
Seriously. Tell me that he's not hot. You'll find it hard.
And why, you may ask, do I have this obsession with Joseph Gordon-Levitt? First of all, as I might have said before, he's hot hot hot! Second of all, I think he's really stylish, in a slightly cool, no cold way. He's just so... ice cold. In a hot way. Haha, I can feel a pattern forming in my writing. But seriously - I really like his style. His suits and shirts, black sunglasses, dark hair... Well, it's hard to explain, so I've picked out some of the best pictures of him (where he looks his best yyyyummie self!).

Admit it. He's really cute.

Another thing I like about him, is his quirkiness. I read an article about him, which was featured in "Esquire" --  Link to a discription of the article. So, anyway, while searching for pictures of His Hotness, I found all these great pictures for "Esquire", and the article, which is IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ever again, and a ton of pictures, in which he looks like he has been doing some more alternative modeling jobs in his past (no, not in the pervy way, hah). I like to think that he actually might be a real person, a real fun person even, and I think the upcoming pictures show a different, fun side of him.

Those were the (many) best photos I found. I really do like these pictures, especially the shots of him on the beach. Just think, if you were a professional photographer, you would get to take pictures of people like him. Interesting people, just ready to be looked at and loved... I wouldn't mind that kind of career, if I could pick freely.

Now, the point of this blog is not only that he looks like a Half-God James Dean Character (though he is, without a doubt, extremely good-looking) -- the kid can act too! Currently starring in the new cult-movie, "Inception", Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays along side a great cast (including, but not limited to Leonardo di Caprio) and does this with style. Joseph, or Joe as I have read he likes being called, somehow manages to suck all his coolness into this amazingly intriguing movie, making the experience of watching "Inception" all the better. If you haven't seen it already - PLEASE DO!! It's a great movie, great cast, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is just yum yum yum and cool. Definetely worth it.

Speaking of which, I am actually going to see the movie for the 2nd time tonight. Can't wait! Though financing the project of bringing my best friend to the moives, all expences paid by me (yikes...) wears on my poor wallet (yikes again...) I'm pretty confident that it's worth it. How could it not be? Hot hot hot and cool cool cool and dreamily intriguing all in one movie -- I'm looking forward to it already.

Watch the trailer for "Inception" here ----->

But be careful -- you might just be so intrigued, that you're eyes will become glued to the screen.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for watching "Inception" in the future!!!!!

I Am Roseberry

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