Thursday, June 14, 2012

That moment during studying, where you just wanna go GABLRAHAUDFJDFFSLFDKJFLSDJE

So. Hi.

Studying Journal, Day 3


If I stare at as much as ONE constructive word on sociology, politics or economics, I am going to, quite sincerely, scream my head off.

Studying for my exam in Social Studies is proving to be quite a task, I am afraid.

It is a lonely world, this studying wilderness. Books, newspapers, pencil cases and computers lay higgeldy-piggeldy around the desk, which has become my home. The only company I keep, is my dog; though he only takes notice of me when I venture out into the kitchen. If I as much as glance in the direction of food, he immediately sets in a howl of inceasing barking. He is hungry. I fear I have not long to go, before I become his next meal.

My back is on fire; it spends all its time cracking, bending, and sitting hunched over my computer. as if impersonating an ill-proportioned vulture all day. My eyes are practically spinning in my head. But moreover, my brain is simply drooping. Wilted. Zonked out. I can no longer think. My sanity slowly slips away, just like the knowledge I am supposed to be acquiring from these tear-provoking books.

Even so, I have grown accustomed to the habit of studying. That is to say, I have found various ways of avoiding it for as long as possible, while simultaneously feeling like I am actually amounting to great work. Straightening my foot-long, irrevocably curly hair has proved a very satisfying activity; one that will occupy me for at least 15 minutes, depending on snarliness. Going to my kitchen for food is another activity I have taken to with vigour; simply walking into my kitchen, checking the refrigerator, finding nothing (just like the last 10 times I checked), and going back empty-handed can secure me at least 5 minutes of wasted time. Facebook can easily knock a couple hours off the project. And if I as much as get a phonecall, I'll be easily distracted for an hour or two.

But human interaction; this is what I solely miss. Both today and yesterday, I succumbed to my loneliness, and called for reinforcements; and nothing has ever felt sweeter on my tongue, than the taste of actual laughter and conversation.

Though this island of lone studying is tiresome, back- and teeth-grinding, tedious and even sleep-inducing at times, I have only to remember what greater cause I am working for; my education. And while tedious, that is something I am willing to hunch like a vulture over my computer for.

I shall perservere!


............... Yeah. I don't know what that was. I guess this studying-thing has me more bored than I thought. But, like the text above clearly and rather madly indicates, I've been taking my breaks now and then, to do the weirdest things. And talking to people; ah, people. Much more comforting than books and papers and useless notes.

Which is why I'll be spending the evening avoiding the latter.

Happy exams, people.

P H O T O B O M B    T H A T   H A S    N O T H I N G    T O    D O   W I TH

S O N G S    T H A T    H A V E    N O T H I N G    T O    D O    W I T H

Tracy Chapman Fast Car

Fleet Foxes Sun It Rises

White Rabbits Percussion Gun

Count Basie The Kid From Red Bank

Hocus Pocus On And On

Iron And Wine Dearest Forsaken

F U N N Y    S H I T   T H A T    H A S    N O T H I N G   T O    D O    W I T H

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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