Friday, June 29, 2012

Så Går Det Ros'!

So. Hi.

I leave for Roskilde Festival tomorrow. Tomorrow!

Eeeeek! You have no idea how much stress and joy and giddiness and laughter and packing-anxiety that sentence brings me.

Just thinking about it makes me go slightly mad. I can practically taste the "urinstøv" (urine dust) already! 

Arriving in jeans jackets and rubber boots and John Lennon sunglasses, lugging around huge backpacks stuffed with canned tuna and corn, a crappy phone your only means of communication with the outside world. Walking around the camping areas, scoping out the little shops and food-stands in West, and the already drunken and muddy inhabitants of camp L and M. Sleeping in a tent you're not quite sure will keep out all the water that's pouring from the skies, bundling up in your sleeping bag with all your clothes on at night, just to keep warm, and waking up to a sweltering hot tent at 6am, only to throw yourself out in the grass with your mattress and sleeping bag. Being constantly dirty, grimy even, with long, snarly hair and smudged cheap sunglasses, and lounging about in the sun all afternoon. Sooping around in a mixture of mud and grass, as you tredge towards the festival site, eagerly running to stand in the Pit, so close that you can practically lick the lead singer's face. Listening to The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Mew, Janelle Monáe or Bruce Springsteen, or whoever you're going to see. And everywhere you go, soaking up the feeling of sun, mud, the smell of weed, music, rain, people drinking, a wildfire of tents all around you, skate boarders, hippies and punkers, beer and bongs, people tanning, or running with plastic bags over their heads to shelter them from the rain. Soaking up the Orange Feeling; the feeling of Roskilde Festival.

Aaaahhh. Just one day to go. One day.

Not even the ludicrous weather we're having at the moment, nor the prospect of wading around in a mixture of rain, mud, beer and pee can stop me. I'm going! Yay!

You guys take care. Until then,

I ' M    G O I N G    T O
R O S K I L D E !


Bringing a couple of single use cameras, so will be sure to snap some photos during my week. Can't wait to be there. And to be back, and tell you all about it.

Have a good Roskilde Festival, folks! Så går det Ros'!

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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