Friday, June 22, 2012

Life On The Bright Side.

So. Hi.

O N   T H E   D A R K   S I D E
Me when I'm illogically PMS'ing and bitchy.

  • Wake up. Hangover.
  • Eat some breakfast. Waffle down coffee. Run out door. Snap at anyone that tries to hurry me.
  • Busride home. Almost fall asleep.
  • Comes home:
    "Hi honey, did you have fun?"
    "LEAVE ME ALONE OKAY?????!!!!!"
  • Lock myself in my room. Turn on computer. Letters dance on my screen. Still hungover, I guess.
  • "This assignment is so........ HARD....... I just can't like...... UNDERSTAND..... What my teacher wants me to DO....... I just........ I hate this stupid text" (cries)
  • "Maybe I should have some food...."
  • Sits and grumbles for half an hour while contemplating revenge on refrigerator.
  • Plays the piano. Slams the keys really hard with a manic, rabid expression every time I hit the wrong note.
  • Beats up pillow.
  • "I want a nap..."

Major onslaught of PMS washing over me at the moment. Can't you tell? Don't lie, bitch, of course you can.

Must reinforce positive attitude, and well-lit smile! Can't run around like a grenade all day, ready to explode as soon as someone removes the right stick.

SO. Bright thoughts..... Positive thoughts...... Laughter..... Smiles.......

O N   T H E   B R I G H T   S I D E
Me when I'm trying to be placid and positive.

  • It actually is summer; and very close to vacation too!
  • Yesterday, the sun shone brilliantly, and it actually felt hot. And even now, the weather is clearing up. I can see genuine sun on the wall of my neighbors house.
  • I only have one test left before I can finally relax!!!!!!!!!
  • The test doesn't mean anything, or count for anything real, so actually I could just go in and say some random shit that isn't even connected to my paper, and I'd be fine.
  • I actually haven't worked all day (what a surprised), seeing as I was often caught up by memes of animals with funny captions all over the internet, which caused some majorly loner-status giggling attacks. Me laughing at pictures of cats = Not an entirely good sign.
  • Chocolate can always be found.
  • It's our big Summer Concert on Sunday! With a repertoire I actually like; beautiful light summer songs, floaty Eastern music by Holst, and a lovely Danish spring and summer piece by Niels W. Gade. Which probably is irrelevant to you, but it sounds nice.
  • My hangover is slowly receding. And, just for good measure, I'll be drinking it away in a couple hours at a friend's birthday. So. Weeeeee.
  • I'm going to Rozzkill in about a week!!!!
  • I have a new T-shirt that says "I AM AWESOME" on it. Hah.
  • I'm making some food now. Joy.

And now I feel better. I think I'll have some chocolate and booze too. Aah.

When you're drunk at a party, and your best friend says she's fat:

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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