Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recommending... // Wild Beasts

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Wild Beasts' album, "Two Dancers" (from 2009). Because it's the one I know, the one I love, and the one I listen to the most. My favorite track by far is "All The Kings Men", but the song "Empty Nest" also has a special place in my heart. Although I can recommend this particular album on the warmest of emphasizes, I have a feeling that their old album, "Limbo Panto", and their newly released album "Smother" will also be joining my collection soon! The latter includes the wonderful song "Reach A Bit Further", which I absolutely love as well.

After a long time of unfortunately ignoring the album labelled "Two Dancers" by Wild Beasts on my iPod, I have rediscovered their wonderful music. I found them some time last year, on a music-hunting spree, in which I vigorously gutted the internet for all it was worth. Somehow, I found Wild Beasts, and, though I forgot them for quite some time, I'm so glad I did.

Their music really suits my current state of mind. I need something alternative, but not too weird. I need something cosy, but not too boring. I need something funny and quirky but listen-able. I need something that's Wild and Beastly, and at the same time quick, fragile and mmmh.

They're quirky. Their lyrics are well thought-out, but not too standoffish and nose-in-sky-ish. They're British. And their name gives off vibes of "Where The Wild Things Are"; a book that I only vaguely remember loving in my childhood. Ironically enough, I had forgotten about that book for quite some time, until I coincidentally bumped over it again, marveling at its funny and quicky pictures. Sort of how I reacted when I found Wild Beasts again. Ha.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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