Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh, The Stressure!

So. Hi.

I'm sorry, I'm under a lot of stressure. Sorry, I mean pressure... Stress... Stressure... What ever!

Life is a bit stressed at the moment. Mostly because of all the assignments our teachers our shoving down our throats. But another (slightly more fun) things is adding to my sky-rocketing stress level:

V A L    T H O R E N S !

Val Thorens is a skiing town in the French Alpes, that many local gymnasiums visit annually. Danish students flock the town, arriving by the bus-load; all filled with home-work exhausted, half-drunk, over tired, reckless and party-starved teens; all ready to ski down slopes in varying degrees of insanity, perform their standard binge-drinking at the frenchs discos, take over half of the city's hotels, upset the Gens D'armes, and generally have a good time. And this year, I'll be going with my best girlies from Aurehøj. So.......... Yaaaayyyy.....

No, but seriously. Going to Val Thorens with your gymnasium is supposed to be really fun. It's a great week of skiing with your friends, fending for yourself in a shitty appartment, partying, undeniably drinking, perhaps speaking a bit of french, playing around in the snow and having fun. Besides, I'm staying in an appartment with 5 of the sweetest, funniest, and craziest girls I know. It'll be great. And since it's expensive as hell, I will make myself hit the slopes and ski every day. 

Ooooooohhhhhh, I'm so excited!

The ski vacation is in week 7; which means that we leave this Friday morning at 10am. Which leaves me totally stressed. Naturally. I really can't fathom how I'll ever manage to pack. Let alone figure out what I should be bringing.

Which brings me to my next predicament:

I haven't started packing yet. I leave Friday morning. I'm busy all day tomorrow. And most of Thursday. And I haven't. Begun. Packing. How the fuck in the name of fucking fuck...

But no panick. I have an idea of what to pack. Sort of. I mean... A general idea. Okay, an estimate. A hint of an estimate. A feeling. Good vibes?

Everthing has to fit in one soft suitcase, that weighs under 20 kilos. This seemed like a lot at first, but then I started thinking...

Our ski company is throwing a huge theme party when we get to France. And what's the theme? Costume ball. And, in their words: "no costume is too cheezy or ridiculous". Well, gee. Thanks. So.... Now I only have to pack ski clothes (ski jacket, ski pants, ski underwear, ski sweaters, ski goggles, ski helmet, and ski mittens = not space for that much else), big winter boots, normal clothes and shoes, party clothes and shoes, cosmetics and medicine and all kinds of weird practical stuff, and many other things as well. And, oh yeah, to top it all off: a big-ass costume as well.


Okay, okay, deep breaths. So it's probably not as bad as I'm making it out to be. Probably. Maybe.

I should be coming up with packing lists. Being practical and wise. But instead, I procrastinate. Typical teenage predicament, I suppose.

Anyway, my roomies and I came up with a bunch of super duper suggestions for costumes. Enjoy.

G O O D    P A C K I N G    V I B E S

"This casually stylish condom dress has been a huge hit this winter..."
...... Nice.
"Are you allowed to eat babies, if they're dressed as tacos?" asked a wise friend of mine.
There are no words. There simply are no words to describe this. I just.... Agh...!

So after that slightly irrelevant and completely stupid conclusion, I should get back to my stressuring.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.


  1. Fantastisk! Elsker dine indlæg!

  2. Tusind tak! Hvor er du sød :-)