Monday, January 2, 2012


So. Hi.

Hope you all had a brilliant New Year's eve! I know I didn't.

Yeeaahh... You know how you always hear those stories about New Year's Eve? About how awesome and amazing and glittery the night supposedly always is? Yes? Well, alongside these stories exist the stories of how New Year's Eve always is a total let-down. And I can tell you that the latter is true for me. Why? Well, things went terribly wrong after I left a perfectly nice dinner with my parents...

1)    I arrived at the party I was attending 20 minutes before midnight. Just managed to fling off my coat and say hello, before jumping into the New Year.

2)    I can honestly say that watching the fireworks afterwards was the best part of my evening after midnight.

3)    I spent about 2 hours of my evening tending to my friend, who had suddenly gotten way too drunk, and had decidedly placed her head in the toilet for the evening. ( ♥ )

4)    I didn't get drunk.

5)    I didn't hook up with anyone (and I'm sorry, but sometimes a girl needs a little somethin' somethin').

6)    When we finally got into town, everything was over. All clubs and bars were either full with drunk, middleaged women, or closed.

7)    I turned my tired ass homewards at 5am, after a night with much less partying than I would have liked.

So yeah. My New Year's Eve was a... total disaster. But hey! Not all things in life are a success. And I should probably add one point:

8)    I was surrounded by wonderful people all night; my friends. So it didn't matter. I didn't give a damn, in reality.

So to all my lovely, warm, nice, funny, ridiculous, charming and lovable friends: Thanks for sharing my failed New Year's Eve with me. And I hope that I will be fortunate enough to share many of my less fortunate experiences to come, with all of you. I love you guys!

On another note... I've never had a New Year's resolution before. As in... ever. Maybe 2012, the year the world is supposed to end, isn't the greatest time to start. But then again; maybe it's perfect. So here are 16 resolutions; one for each New Year I've lived through.

N E W     Y E A R ' S     R E S O L U T I O N S     F O R     2 0 1 2


♥    Eat more cake.

♥    Dance on a table; at least once.

♥    Read more.

♥    Never lose appreciation for my best friends. (And remember to kick their butts in to action, when they stop calling me).

♥    Always wear nailpolish.

♥    Tell my best friends that I love them.

♥    Go to many concerts.

♥    Get better with apologies; both giving and receiving them.

♥    Have a rootbeer float.

♥    Never forget who I am.

♥    Kiss a total stranger.

♥    Always call back.

♥    Become better at taking breaks.
♥    Grow at least 5 centimeters!

♥    Remember to smile.

♥    Dream.

N E W    Y E A R ' S    E V E ,    2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2


So, that's about it, I think. Even though my New Year's Eve was a failed one, I enjoyed it on some level. And no matter how lame my life gets, I still have my awesome friends to cheer me up. Through all the years (and New Year's) to come.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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