Thursday, November 24, 2011

Might As Well...

So. Hi.

Van Halen Jump

Just working on my English paper. You know. Chillin', with some motivation from my main man, Van Halen. Gotta love the hair. And the outfits. And the splits... Hahaha.

If you are, like me, working on some sort of paper, or any kind of homework, that is due tommorrow, you are probably torn between the compulsion to do two things:

  • Someday finishing school with a grade that isn't sub-zero, and therefore finishing your homework.
  • Postponing your work as long as possible, and by all means possible.

And though we all know that procrastination doesn't exactly kickstart your working progress, it's just impossible to avoid some amout of procrastination. And I'll admit, I'm quite bad at resisting the temptations myself.

But, oh hell. Just take a break for a while. I personally took the time to delete all my unimportant e-mails (this took about 5 minutes of clicking), stalking random people on Facebook whom I don't even know (I never finished) plus listening to my father debate whether he'd rather like his ringtone to be the song above or "Waka Waka" by Shakira (I fled quickly).

I know that procrastination doesn't help anything... But when I just sit and sit and sit, and read and read and read, and write and write and write, my brain just melts. So I figure that, if Van Halen might as well jump, I might as well take some time off to procrastinate, and then get some kick-ass work done afterwards.

So. Half an hour of slacking. Half an hour of work.

Oh, wait... Fuck... That was my half hour. Back to work. Sigh.

I'm tired already. Here's a picture of a baby panda. Have a good night.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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