Thursday, October 13, 2011


So. Hi.

I warn you; the level of intelligence in this post isn't exactly striking. This might have something to do with the fact that my subbing Danish grammar teacher is completely insane. No, I'm serious. She litterallly seems like she's drunk. Like... constantly. And I've never met a person, who has such a talent for talking about everything else than the subject of today. I really try... But it's just physically impossible for me to concentrate.

Then there's the fact that we today have an entity of two grammar classes (each of about 2 hours) and then a biology class... And that I am now sitting in the middle of French grammar class, being tortured with sentence analysis for the 198346th time, numbed by the knowledge that I have to stay at school for another two long hours... Without enough money to buy a single cup of coffee... And when I get home, I have to write my English paper, turn it in, pack my bags, and get ready to get up at 5 A-fucking-M tommorow, so that I can fly to the Faroe Islands with my choir.

As far as I know, the Faroe Islands involve sheep, cliffs, storming waves, ice cold air, woolen sweaters, folk dancing, darkness and wind. And puffins. Lots and lots of puffins. Sounds like an awesome way to spend my fall vacation...

Well, to be honest, I'm actually loking forward to it. We're going to be singing nonstop, and performing at our concerts, which are slowly and steadily becoming something in the vicinity of ready. And we're going to be performing with Teitur, which is awesome, obiviously!

And oh, do I need a break from all the stress that comes with school, big assignments, 76 choir rehearsals a week (well... at least 2, plus concerts in the weekends), and minimal time to see my old friends. And what better way to spend this break, than covering myself from top to toe in wool, and socializing with a few puffins and sheep?

Greetings from the second-to-last class of the day... (only two hours left now...)

The Kooks Junk Of The Heart (Happy)

W H A T    I    S P E N D    M Y    T I M E    O N ,    W H E N    M Y    C L A S S E S   
 G I V E    M E    A    T O T A L    M I N D F U C K

I Am Blueberry Super Powers

My friend Sebastian came up to me in one of the breaks today, and told me that he had found a band called I Am Blueberry... Which is totally weird. And funny. I've found part of my berry-based family!

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.


  1. Hi Roseberry!
    I loooove you blog, I can't rember how I found your blog, but I know the first thing I saw on your blog was Let's get hairy! I rember that cause i fav'ed your blog on that and every time I click on it that article comes up, and you are beautiful, I loove your hornesty and read about you liife!! soo I just want you to know, that you have a very big fan here! I loove your blog!
    After looking on your blog and other, i have wanted to try it,
    I would love to hear what you think of it, if you have time ♥
    ps. i dident know were to send this message, so i just put it as a comment
    looooove and xoxo ♥

  2. @Tine: Thanks so much for your comment!

    Wow... You really have no idea how much that means to me :-) Most of the time, I don't even know if anyone's listening to what I'm saying; let alone that they like it! So hearing that I have a fan (probably my first) is just so incredibly nice. And very flattering. I really appreciate it!

    I would be glad to check out your blog.