Sunday, April 17, 2011

Concert Schedule SS11

So. Hi.

Just a quick update on my concert schedule. I have so many awesome concerts coming up... I'm up to my ears in music! I just can't wait for all this school-stuff to be over, so that I can enjoy summer, and its summer-concerts. This season, I'll be enjoying some awesome rock, some alternative music, and for a change, some rap music as well. That's new. But equally, if not more, exciting.

But here I stand: nearly bursting in anticipation of my upcoming concerts. Reminiscing over the ghost of concerts past. Preparing in small ways for my Concert Schedule SS11.

  C O N C E R T    S C H E D U L E    S S 1 1  :  



Warm Up: 26.06 - 29.06, 2011
Concerts: 30.06 - 3.07, 2011

Plænen in Tivoli

I can't believe how much I'm looking forward to this. Especially Roskilde and Kanye West! I litterally never thought Kanye would come to Denmark, so I'm extremely excited. And I just can't wait to kick off the summer vacation in style with Rozzkill, where I'm going with my entire choir.

For Roskilde, I'm planning on lassoing in my friends, setting up camp with them, and then forcing them to go to all the great concerts with me! I really want to see The Strokes, Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys, obviously, but also Veto, De Eneste To, Iceage, and Weekend, which are some of the smaller bands playing at Roskilde. I'm thinking that I'll probably be introduced to a whole lot of other music too, so I'm really looking forward to that. That, and the whole Roskilde-feel in general. I've never been to the festival before, so naturally, I'm really excited about it!

Aah. All this talking about concerts I am going to see, makes me think of the ones I have seen. I'm a freak in the concert-area, and I love to go to concerts. I don't have much money to spend on tickets, but I usually twist my parents' arms to help me sponsor my need for concert-going. It's a cultural activity, after all, that leads me to a cultivated and creative mind! Or so I say...

This concert-year has been great. I have saved every single concert ticket I have ever owned. Yeah, I'm sentimental like that. Once in a while, I find them in the chaos that is my room. Looking at them brings back great memories. I just thought I'd share them with you.

Muse, Paramore and Dúné

The first real concert I ever went to, was when I went to see Muse play in Parken. I went with my mom and a friend. The music was amazing, the show was awesome, the lights were blazing, the crowd was euphoric. Even though we were in the seated area, my friend and I stayed on our feet, screaming along to the songs and dancing all night. It was a great first-concert-experience.

The first concert I ever went to see with my friends, was Paramore playing in KB Hallen. This is a couple of years ago now, but I still remember it very well. The lead singer sang extremely well, and the band was good, but the crowd was a little pushy. There was a particular person, a Norwegian gentleman to be precise, who pissed us off so much, that we spit on his jacket. Ah, those were the times.

Dúné was... well, Dúné. It was my first concert with them, and I went with my friend, Pernille, who later would become known as my partner in most concerts. I already loved Dúné, but by the time they had played about 3 songs, I was head over heels for their music, and completely smitten with the lead singer, Mattias. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Dúné never disappoints me.

Beach House

Male and I got my friend, Ida, tickets for the Beach House concert for her birthday. I had introduced Beach House to her on a school trip, and realized that she liked them. Therefore, I thought I was adequately creative, when I presented her with two tickets for their concert in Vega. The concert was really mellow, and Victoria had a beautiful voice, even live, which I actually hadn't expected. Another thing that struck me, was how many obviously fashion-oriented people there were at the concert. I love seeing the different types of people, that are found at concerts.


Okay, this concert was, without a doubt, one of the best concerts I have been to. That, and The Floor Is Made Of Lava's concert, which I will come to in a minute. But first, Dúné.

Though the first concert I went to with Dúné was amazing, and I didn't think, that anything could top that, they succeeded in amazing me yet again. First of all, the atmosphere in Vega was the best. Pernille, Male and I were standing almost right in front of the stage, and a little off to the side, but we could see very well. So well, in fact, that the lead singer of Apollo, the warm-up band, dedicated a song to me! Sort of. He pointed at me, while singing "You broke my heart,". The thing was, that he looked like E.T. when he did this, which of course made me crack up.

Our places in the crowd also gave us the extreme advantage of being able to follow Mattias' every move. At some point in the concert, I made a heart shape with my hands, signaling to the band - and Mattias saw it! Afterwards, I had everyone sending them hearts.

After the awesome concert, we waited around Vega for a while. That's why we saw Dúné coming out, and giving autographs! Naturally, I had to have at least one. I accomplished talking to Ole, one of the very cute members of the band, and I got his autograph. Moving on to Mattias, I was basically shaking. But I managed to speak a little to him, get his autograph, and, to my intense disbelief, get a high-five from him!

I can honestly say, that I dreamt about that high-five at least a week after the concert.

The Floor Is Made Of Lava

After Dúné, I was afraid that I would be disappointed by The Floor Is Made Of Lava, by comparison. I thought that it wouldn't be as great.

I'm hesitant to say this: but it might even have been better.

It was, without a doubt, the wildest concert I have ever been to. Pernille and I stood in the middle of everything, dancing with the rest of the sweaty crowd. TFIMOL was rocking out, and the crowd was really into it. I actually got lifted on to the shoulders of a young (drunk) man, whom I didn't know at all! Pernille caught the drumstick, which the drummer threw into the crowd, and later, we both caught the lead singer. Let me explain: Tobias, the singer, crowd-surfed right into our general area. I litterally ran my hand down his sweaty chest, and to this day, Pernille insists that her hand got caught in his sweaty armpit. Though you might not think it, it was awesome.

And, best of all, we managed to ambush the band afterwards, having learnt from our experience with Dúné, that it pays off to hang around after the concert. Pernille got her drumstick signed, and I got a signed CD. Which was awesome, of course. All in all, a mindblowingly awesome concert.

Treefight for Sunlight

Awww. That's what I think, when I talk about Treefight.

Just recently went to their concert with Pernille (duh). And they were most probably the cutest human beings in the world! The entire band is just so cute and happy, I can hardly stand it! And they all sing, which I think is really cool. The lead singer, Morten (the name is cute, but wait until you see his signature!) has the smallest feet in the world, which he uses to stand on his toes, when he has to sing.

Actually, when the concert in Little Vega was finished, Pernille and I went out to get our coats, and try to get their autographs. And, as the experienced starfuckers we are, they walked right up to the counter we stood at. We almost couldn't resist saying how cute they were, but in the end we refrained. They tried to get us to buy a CD, and seemed almost heartbroken when we told them that we already had it, and therefore couldn't buy it. The lead singer, Morten, looked so disappointed, that he almost made me want to buy it anyway! Cutest band ever. But though they are cute, they are also very talented, and should therefore not be teased too much with their cuteness...

But seriously! Aaww!

Notice Morten's signature! Isn't it awesome? It looks like the kind of signature you have at age 5, which I think is really sweet and un-pretentious.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed listening to some of my concert-experiences. You may think it's strange, that I keep all my tickets. But they are all precious to me, in a small way. They let me think back to the night I saw the band play, what kind of concert they gave, the way the music made me feel. I really like thinking back to all these concerts, and I hope that I can get to see many more in my life.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


  1. What are you talking about ? Roseberrys cool. She's in fact amazing. I love reading her blogs, and all of her stories and concert-experiences just like this one. If you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything at all.

  2. Tusind tak, Rikke, det er enormt sødt af dig at sige det.

    Nu ved jeg, at jeg har slettet kommentaren, og at den derfor ikke kan ses længere. Men det gjorde jeg altså, fordi jeg syntes den var enormt ubehagelig. Det ville være rigtig rart for mig, hvis I ville lade være med at poste sådan nogle kommentarer. Selvfølgelig kan min blog ikke falde i alles smag, men jeg skriver bestemt ikke for at pisse nogen af.

    Men rigtig mange tak for din kommentar, Rikke.

    - Carrie.

  3. Selvom jeg jo ikke nåede at læse kommentaren, er jeg sgu helt enig med Rikke! Bare fordi vedkommende er en snøflesen! Øv nå!
    Jeg elsker dig, også selvom en eller anden wierdo føler sig så truet af din awesomeness <3
    // Sophie-Amalie

  4. Haha, snøflesen :) Tusind tak, det er rigtig sødt af dig. Jeg har brug for støtte, jeg sidder jo her og græder snot i lange baner. Eller ikke.

    - Caro