Thursday, April 14, 2011


So. Hi.

Spring's here. At least, it's supposed to be. But back here in wonderful (dreary, cold, wet, foggy, boring, depressing, grey) Denmark, spring's holding back on us. We just had a spell of great weather, but today is gloomy and grey. Where's the sunshine?

I'm really looking forward to the Easter holidays, which start the MOMENT we get out of school tomorrow! Aaaaaah. I can't wait. I'm feeling a little bit put out. I'm tired of everything. So this vacation, I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing the whole week. I can't even remember the last time I did positively nothing, so I'm thinking that I need a break. Especially with my final exams coming up, the second we're back from the Easter holidays. Yikes. Am going to try to put that out of my mind for the moment, and have a calm, stress free day, for once.

So I'm just going to relax, do nothing, think of nothing, and completely photoblock myself with some pictures with a touch of spring. Enjoy.

Okay, I think I'm completely pictured out! I hope that you enjoyed the photos. They gave me such a nice, summery, spring-like vibe, that I just wanted to pass them around like free candy.
When I look at them, I just want to eat strawberries, wair my beach-hair loose, buy a pair of vintage sunglasses, bike in to town in only a tanktop and shorts, buy a bag bursting with a mix of sour candy, stay until it's dark and glittery and lukewarm, hear the chatter of the people sitting at their cafés, the sound of slow cars moving through city trafic, the feel of the lukewarm wind in my face, the spray of the sea, stop for ice-cream at "Paradis" and order 5 scoops, just because I can, the thought of autumn not even touching my mind for a mere second.
Aah. It's a comfort, that I know summer's here soon.
Thanks for listening,
I Am Roseberry

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