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So. Hi.

I absolutely couldn't believe my eyes, when I checked my viewings today. Usually, I check them on a daily basis. Maybe it's more of an hourly basis... All right, I admit it! I check them every waking second of my time! Satisfied?

Well, I guess things haven't gone as they usually do, lately. Maybe that's why I missed the day that marked my 10.000th view!! This happened a while back, and I actually intended on celebrating it with you guys. But no, it didn't work out that way -- days passed, my laziness grew, and I thought that the number 1.103 views was inappropriate, somehow, to share. I thought to myself, "Well, if I ever make it to 15.000 views, I'll definitely do something big to celebrate it!"
Yeah. That didn't happen.

So, what I'm trying to say is: today, when I checked my views, the charts had sky-rocketed, and I had made it up to... a lot of views. Shell-shocked as I am, I will leave this information to be divulged, in the capable hands of Robert Pattinson's face:

Thank you very much, Rob. And might I add: Oh. My. God!

Well, I just wanted to say thanks, I guess. I can't really believe it. I keep thinking that there might be some glitch in my computer, that my total number of views is actually 1 point 6750. I know that this number is small to most of you -- but maybe there are some of you out there, that can relate to the enormousness of this number, and the significance it holds for me. But it means a lot to me, personally. Which is why I chose to share a number as random as 16750 with you. It just makes me happy, satisfied, content even.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank fucking you.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Now, a while back, I asked you all to write in with suggestions and/or questions for me and le blog. I told you, that your questions could be anything. For example, you could have asked me, how I learned to swim. Or if I like Mars Bars. Or what I think of the new Justin Bieber movie, "Never Say Never" -- incidentally, my immediate reaction is screaming "Eek!", and fleeing the room, whenever I see a commercial for said monstrosity.

As an answer, I got 3 meek, little suggestions, and one much appreciated comment. These were:

What is your alltime favorite music? Fashion, your life and your short story's? The craziest or most inspirering vacation?

Thanks so much for taking interest. And now for your answers.

 M Y    A L L T I M E    F A V O R I T E    M U S IC

Ah. Thank you so much for asking me that question.
I have to say, that my alltime favorite music can be zeroed down to a single band: Dúné. I love them more than a fat kid loves cake. I love them more than a drug-addict loves crack. I love them more than a fish loves the sea. Dúné. Aah.

Dúné is a young Danish band. Their genre is alternative rock, I would say, with electronic influences and characteristics. The lead singer, Mattias Kolstrup, is to die for. Inexplicably cute. The band plays to perfection. I have each and every one of their songs, and I haven't yet heard a single track that I don't like. And in concert..... well, they're just in a whole other league. I love going to concerts with them, and have seen them live 2 times now.
I think I love them so much, because they're so young and original. No matter what mood I'm in, Dúné fits my taste. They're just the right amount of grunge, without being whiney. Their texts are profound, and as I understand, writting by the band itself. And they are born to perform.

So, I gotta say, Dúné and all their music is what I come back to, for good or for worse. They're my favorite band of all time.

 F A S H I O N ,    M Y    L I F E ,    A N D    M Y    S H O R T    S T O R I  E S .

I am pleased to inform you, that in this very second, I'm working on yet another short story. It's the third addition to my little series, in which I depict the evening of four young people. I have actually become really fond of the series, I must admit to that. Here they are, in chronological order:

B Y    C R K

And there are more to come! As for the fashion part of your question, well, I'm working on that too. I have another Lust List coming up, the April addition. I will also try to be better at posting pictures of my own buys and finds. I know I've only been semi-present on le blog, in the very physical sense, and I will try to change this in the future.
And my life? Well...
ATM all I can think about is summer, and gymnasiums, the Danish equivalent of high school. I just can't wait to get out of grade school, and into what I have come to refer to as "my real life". I want something more. Something real. And I hope, that I can make that "real something" start this summer. I think that a change of venue will be so good for me.

I'm really busy with PK, the Danish Girl's Choir, so I don't have much time to see my good friends from JK, the Junior Choir. But halleluja, they're auditioning for PK this monday! Am so psyked on their behalf, and I really hope that they get in. Fingers crossed!

It seems like I've been going to a lot of parties lately. Kids' parties, that is. Yes, it's the season for the birthdays of the younger generations. Depicted above is my proud little cousin, who just turned 4. Look at the bottom picture to the left! He's got swag...!

It has finally become proper spring. Though there are occasional drafts of wind (which remind me of full-blown hurricane blasts) and sudden spells of rain (tsunamis come to mind, when I think of these) the sun is peeping out, and the sky is turning the unmistakable color of blue. Can't wait for summer!

And me? Oh, you know. The usual. Hanging out with friends. Going to school. Getting ready for exams. Lusting after summer. Looking forward to gymnasium. Singing every waking second of my life. Being genuinely crazy and over-tired. Trying to be funny, but really ending up being awkward instead. You know. Living my life.

 M Y    C R A Z I E S T    O R    M O S T    I N S P I R I N G    V A C A T I O N 

Hm.... What to tell, what to tell. Okay, I have something that would cover both of those statements.
The summer before last, my family and I went to the Bahamas. We flew from Denmark by way of the States, where we visited my family, and passed through Miami. Miami in itself was amazingly crazy. What with all the drag queens and large-breasted bimbos promenading alongside the beautiful ocean and enormous hotels, it seemed like my eyes couldn't really soak up everything around me.
That was before the Bahamas. The hourlong planeride to get us over there was.... the most nerve wrecking thing I have ever tried! The miniature plane (about the size of a Range Rover) was rattling like a broken old can the whole time. I litterally saw the pilot swig down a bottle of beer before take-off, and as the wingtips of the plane practically grazed the surface of the foamy water, I was just about ready to jump out of the flying version of a sardine can. I can happily say that we made it ashore without further problems -- but the experience certainly left me very grateful to have both my feet on firm land.
I can honestly say, that nothing, absolutely nothing, could have prepared me to the extremely slow pace of the peaceful islands. The beautiful blue water, almost turqoise, and clear as glass. The soft white, and at one beach, even pink sand. The gently swaying palm trees. The hot humid air, wrapping itself like a blanket around me. The voices, all the voices and accents of the people there. The gentle island pace, that would rock me to sleep in my hammock. The taste of conk fritters, conk chowder, conk burger, conk everything.
All of this was so foreign to me, and so wonderful. It was really one of the best vacations I have ever been on. And the craziest!

 My very happy and relaxed feet. Shot this while dozing with a book in the family hammock.

Little Sis and I, looking extremely tanned, and 2 years younger than now. Taken right after we had our hair braided by a Bahamian girl, who worked in the restaurant of our hotel.

Well, I think that I have officially covered every inch of your questionnaire. Hope that the answers were to your satisfaction, and that you shall feel inspired to comment and come with your good suggestions anytime. I really appreciate it when you do.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


I'm so sorry about the fuck-up in the layout. I have no idea what's wrong with my computer, or if it's the site that's the problem. Well, the point is, this post isn't as neat as I would like it, and please know, that I'm working on solving this extremely annoying problem.

Thanks for your patience.

- Carrie

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