Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lust List March: On A Crusade For Style

So. Hi.

Spring is finally here! It's amazing, fantastic really, that winter is finally coming to an end. I have even whipped out my spring jacket and sunglasses in my spring fever! Even Denmark seems to be relinquishing its desperate hold on our clammy winter. The last couple of days, it has hardly been overcast, and the sun has been shining beautifully down on us. The temperature has even crawled over 10 degrees celsius (quite a feat for March in DK!). I wish it was hotter, of course, but this fresh spring-weather is certainly nice. Can't wait to see flowers, actual spring flowers! And I'm dying to wear shorts again -- without 1800 denier nylon tights underneath (exaggeration), mind you!

With a new season comes new clothes. With a new month comes new money! And therefore, there comes a new Lust List. So, with spring and summers delights in mind, I present to you, my official Lust List for March 2011.

  L U S T     L I S T     M A R C H     2 0 1 1 

M Y    C R U S A D E   F O R    T H E    P E R F E C T    L E A T H E R    J A C K E T

I want a leather jacket. Iwantaleatherjacket, Iwantaleatherjacket, Iwantaleatherjacket. I WANT A LEATHER JACKET! But not just any jacket. I want the perfekt leather jacket. Something I can wear in the spring and summer, but that I can also wear in the fall. Something that can withstand a little rain, and that I can also wear inside (without boiling to death). Black leather, no fuzzy lining, not too many buckles or details -- but still enough to make it look interesting. I'm a fan of soft leather. But I could also use something sturdy. I'd prefer it in a biker-style, or a soft leather jacket, with a sort of waterfall opening.

All I know is this: I haven't seen anything that exactly right yet. And since I'm paying from my own pocket (yauza!) it had better be per-fucking-fect!

ACNE, Rita Leather Jacket

This model, the Rita from Acne, is definitely one to consider. I have tried it on, but I don't know really... when I closed the jacket, I was signaling a little too much "Scary Dyke" for my taste.

S U N N Y    G L A S S E S

As we catapult our summer-hungry selves into spring, shades are needed for sunnier days, sitting outside, lazing around in the sun, gossipping over smoothies and ice-cream with our friends... I, myself, am quite content with my classic black Wayfarers from Ray Ban. But this spring, I find myself inexplicably lusting for a cheap, special pair of sunnies. I was thinking, that having a completely round pair could be fun? So now I'm browsing for cheapsters and roundies.

ASOS, Keyhole Black and Tan

These simple, cute shades from ASOS are definitely pleasing to the eye. I was thinking maybe the tan pair?

ASOS, Round Mint Glasses

Love these! So cute in their minty freshness. AND they're round, as in almost completely round, without being the size of a pea.

URBAN OUTFITTERS, Elton Round Frames

Spunky, eh? I don't know if I can picture myself in these..... To hell with it, of course I can! These make me think of picnics with smoothies, and reading in the sun.

B L A Z I N G    J A C K E T S

I have always had a problem with finding items that are juuuuuust right. I always end up with slightly cheaper (aka crappier) items, that fit about half of the criteria I had originally imagined, and usually are bought in a split-second. This is the case with my (endless supply of...) blazers. I am a lover of blazers. I have 4 or 5 blazers, all only "sort of" or "almost" or "sometimes, when you look at it from the right, and you squint a bit and imagine that it isn't 10 times too big" right. I have never managed to find the perfect blazer. I have, however, managed to buy about 2 or 3 too many, over the years.

I probably shouldn't even be looking at this. Who knows what will happen, if I get carried away by my blazer-hunting instincts? Most likely I will rape Zara of all its good, acceptable and "sort of okay-looking, if you're a grandma"-blazers.

ZARA, Cool Wool Blazer

Hm? Could it be? The perfect black blazer? Sharp on the shoulders, yet not too much... A prominent figure, with actual signs of hips showing... Pockets that actually might hold more than a thimble... And black? Hm?

TOPSHOP, White Linen Blazer

Ooooh. I likey.
My incurable split-second-shopping-gene is showing again, I fear. I hope that I won't make it to actual Carrie-on-blazer contact -- I fear that my pocketbook is already doomed. But look at it! It's so WHITE! And CLEAN! And nearly IRRISISTABLE for those (fictional) hot summers days (that never occur in Denmark)! Granted: there probably aren't many occasions in which I would get to wear a white blazer... But come on! It's so summery!


ZARA, Grey Jogging Blazer

Uhm. Now, this looks nice, doesn't it? If I haven't mentioned it, I also have an insufferable "I buy whatever looks comfy and grey"-gene. Grey is my comfy-color. I probably shouldn't even be looking at this... who knows what will happen to poor grey blazer, if I got my hands on it? I would be able to look (or well, at least feel) chic, and be comfy as a baby lamb sleeping in a bed of clouds at the same time!

ZARA, Long Coral Blazer

I vowed to myself, that I wouldn't fall in to the many-colored fashion void. The theme for this summer being "colors, colors, and more colors!" doesn't really agree with my slowly settling ache for black-on-black clothing. Something about clashing yellows, reds and greens just makes me want to vomit. But oh, I can feel some of it rubbing off on me already. For example, I have become strangely partial to the color red, or coral, as I like to call it, to hide the fact that I actually like a very red color. But this blazer does look pretty cool, doesn't it? I mean, on a summer's day, eating strawberries, biking to the beach, sitting in the sun... It would work, right?

Oh dear. DING DING DING DING DING, ATTENTION, ATTENTION! Split-second-shopping-gene flaming up! Stop that madwoman, before she runs off and buys a CORAL RED BLAZER, something that is only fashionable for about 10 seconds, before it becomes insufferable!

TOPSHOP, Lilac Linen Blazer

Ah, this is more like it. Lilac. Why don't I own a single lilac garment? It's such a... soothing color. It reminds me of tea, "The Holiday" and my comforter. Maybe a lilac blazer is a slightly more sane investment than a coral red one, since the color is so much more mellow.

I    W I S H    I    C O U L D    A F F O R D    Y O U
BJØRG, Aquatic Attic Collection

Selected a few personal favorites from the Aquatic Attic collection, which I learned it is called. Particularly love the necklaces with the clear and pink stone. Yum. This jewellery is so... Cold? In a very Nordic style, it simply defines elegance. Wish I had the money for Bjørg's jewellery. Sigh.

ACNE, Kearney Leather Sneaks

Okay now. These look pretty cool. Pretty cool = fucking awesome! Not sure which color I like best -- I think I'll go with the black, though, it's always a safe bet. Of course, I won't really go with anything, since, needless to say, I can't afford leather sneakers from Acne, just because I want them. But yum, anyway. Love the thick, white sole.

ACNE, Pistol Boots

Aaaaarrrrggghhhh. Gaaaaah. I don't really have any words. Gaaaah. 

O K A Y ,    O K A Y . . .    L E T ' S    N O T    G E T    T O T A L L Y    O U T    O F
P R O P O R T I O N    H E R E

Okay, yes. I tend to put some items on here, that I might not actually, in real life, buy. Sometimes. Occasionally. Okay, often. But never mind that! Sometimes, I catch myself finding the most ridiculous things, and simply putting them on the Lust List. Case in point underneath.

TOPSHOP, Ashis Food Series

Yes. Yes, I know it's shirts with food on them. Yes, I know it all looks delish. Yes, I know they are ridiculous. And yes, I know that I will never buy a single one of them. But come on. If they don't belong here, on this list, do they really belong anywhere?

Personal favorite: It's a tie between the doughnut sweatshirt, and the banana split T-shirt (merely saying those words is a dream come true for me...)

S T U F F    I    M I G H T    A C T U A L L Y    B U Y

As I said before, things can get a teeeeeeeeeny tiny bit out of proportion on the Lust List. But sometimes (rarely, I grant you that, what with my imaginary bottomless pocket not being so bottomless in reality) I find stuff, that I really consider buying. As in counting up how much money it will cost me to buy the things I want, recalculating how much money I will have left, and in which stores I can get the best versions of the items for the most reasonable price. So, sometimes I actually manage to be smart with my money. Sometimes.

TOPSHOP, Buttermilk Silk Shirt

I am thinking very seriously of buying a white / off-white / buttermilk silk shirt. Topshop has this version of the shirt, which I think is absolutely adorable. Maybe it's a little too yellow. I don't know. But the cut is very cute. Must go try it on.

TIP: Often these vintage-style fashions are featured in mainstream stores, such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters, etc. If you by any chance have missed this, things like lumberjack-shirts and silk shirts are often found at a much more reasonable price in actual vintage and/or thrift stores.

TOPSHOP, Buttermilk and Cupro Silk Shirts

Love these. I know I have featured these on le blog before. But they're so cute! And I, in my typical fashion, haven't gotten around to buying any of them yet, ehehehehe. But really. Couldn't these be nice for the spring break?

SAMSØE SAMSØE, Black Debra Pants

Hopelessly behind as I am, I haven't yet bought a sleek, shiny pair of black pants yet. Silly me only just got around to buying a plain black pair last week! But I actually really like this type of jean. I just don't know if they have gotten too mainstream for me by now. Hm. Decisions, decisions.

LEVI'S, Fringed Cut-Off Shorts

Yes. A classic. I likey. I was going to buy these earlier on in the season -- but alas, it is beyond difficult to find a pair of vintage, black, fringed cut-off's from Levi's. At least in my size. I need something like an X-small. But I haven't been able to find a pair, which I don't have to swim around in, yet.

TOPSHOP, Fitted Denim Shirt

I already have a dark blue, more sturdy denim shirt. But I would like a soft, and lighter colored denim shirt as well, I think. I would buy something like this, if it were on sale, or if I had extra money on my pocket -- both things will occur simultaneously when Hell freezes over. But a girl can dream, right?


I mean shoes, of course, if you for some reason didn't understand the title. I'm looking around for some spring/summer flats, preferrably with a bit of a heel, so that I can be 1.65m instead of my usual 1.63m. Yes, I am about the height of a park bench. I'm also considering some new sneakers, though I just bought a pair last year. Maybe I can lure Mama into giving me both?? Hehehe.

TOPSHOP, Grey and Tan Suede Brogues

So cute! So summery! I genuinely like these shoes. They make me think of Morten, the lead singer in Treefight For Sunlight, who has the CUTEST and SMALLEST FEET in the world! I could just die from an attack of cuteness from looking at his... err...... feet (?) But, well, the point of this is: I like the shoes.

TOPSHOP, Antique Western Boots

Apart from the fact that the title "antique" is hugely misleading, I really like these western-style boots. I would probably overcook in black western boots, so a tan version is more likely to satisfy my needs (in the practical, shoe-based sense). Loving the suede.

 VANS, Classic Black Sneakers

Yes yes. This seems like a very likely candidate for the place as my Spring Sneakers. They're very popular, of course, but slightly less mainstream than the rest of the sneakers I have seen around. Was also considering sneakers from New Balance, but the pictures on their website tease me so! It's a tie between these, and a grey pair of New Balance that I've been eyeing..... I can't choose!


I usually find a lot of inspiration in other bloggers, in my daily life, and in the colors and shades I see everywhere. Trends have a lot to do with my Lust List, of course, but I usually follow my heart, and my crusading-instincts. Thanks to talented fashion-spotters and trend-predictors, who make my life so much easier. I wish I was like you.

Well. That seems to be all I have for you today. Hope that you found some items that you like, and that you don't think that my personal style isn't completely off. I have a few items in mind that I would like to buy. When I do, I promise I'll put out some pictures of them.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


  1. I love all the things that you have in this post.
    Lovely blog
    xoxo ,Black Diamond

  2. Thanks so much! Good clothes always make a grim day seem funky and colorful.

    - Carrie