Monday, January 31, 2011

The Frozen Harbor

So. Hi.

Just wanted to share some photos with you.
I walked down to the harbor yesterday. The beautiful, deep-blue water was covered in a splintering new layer of ice. It's fractured several places, and not yet sturdy to walk on. But beautiful, nonetheless. I looked over the edge of the wall dividing the ocean from the parlor, and I saw it: a beautiful, ice-covered landscape. Naturally, I had to seek it out. I jumped over the railing, and from my spot near the ocean, I saw ice-covered rocks, sea-weed and a few kayakers. In some of the photos, you'll see a surprisingly close-up angle on the sea and the boats. Here, I am standing on one of the docks, where you tie your boat to the side. It's actually "off-limits" to normal teenagers, but I felt truly like a daredevil, and made my way on onto the narrow, icy strip of wood. It was exhilerating, and beautiful. And I got some great pictures!





All the pictures were taken by me, with my beloved Nikon D5000.
Thanks for listening,
I Am Roseberry


  1. Lige noget jeg kom til at tænke på... Har du bare uploadet billederne direkte fra din computer til blogspot, eller linket dem fra nette (din deviantart eller noget)? :)

  2. Jeg har bare oploadet dem direkte fra computeren til blogspot... :)
    - Carrie