Thursday, January 27, 2011

In the Time, Where Choices Are Made ...... Shit.

So. Hi.

Right now, in this time, I'm completely and utterly booked up.

First of all, I just started out in the Girl's Choir. I just had my first day yesterday. Everyone is very nice, friendly -- and extremely intimidating. I have been on my toes since I got in, simply out of fear of fucking up. I'm sure that I wouldn't be shunned for life, if I made a mistake... but that's what it feels like. So for now, I'm trying out the act of humble, yet talented, mature, yet not trying-to-be-older-than-I-really-am, friendly and fun, yet not desperate. Doing all this while singing songs, that I have never heard before, perfectly... Well. It's certainly not easy. Especially since I don't have my best friends there to help me. But I know that I have support, somewhere, and that I can make it. I just have to get through this uncertain phase, then things'll get awesome! I'm really glad to be trying new things, meeting new people. But YIKES! I can't help but be a little jittery, every time I talk to my fellow singers. And hope that they won't bite me.

Though this isn't funny for my English readers, maybe my Danish ones might get a kick out of this. You might have heard Pigekoret on New Years Eve. But how about hearing these ladies rap?
And these are the girls I'm up against.........

On another note, I'm also extremely busy with picking a Gymnasium -- the Danish equivalent of High School. I'll be starting in gym (Gymnasium for short) next year, and I'm really working my ass off to figure out, where I want to study for the next three years.

Boring information for foreigners about Danish school-system:
In Denmark, you pick 3 priorities in gym.'s, and then you have to pick a line at your gym. A line defines the subjects you take at A-level, which you have for 3 years. It's actually extremely difficult to figure out. The maximum number of A-levels is 5. You can also have B and C levels -- B is for 2 years, C is for one. It's all about piecing these together. The gym.'s do that for you, and create "lines" for the students. You pick a line with the subjects that you want, and you can add subjects that are not on your line. In other words: it's a pain in the ass, picking a gymnasium.
So, in gym., I want a lot of subjects. It seems like there aren't enough days in the year, to have what I want. So I have to compromise, to get what I want. I'll walk you through it.

I want:
Music - A
English - A
Math - A
Sociology - B
The problem is, that nobody makes this line. So, I've been looking at different places. I have got to say this: I'm in love with Aurehøj Gymnasium.

Aurehøj is.... well, like a typical hippie-gym., I guess. All different types of people come from far and wide to go to school there. It's a music-school, mainly, and the creative atmosphere is really great. So, it's perfect for me! I just love the fun, social, creative, crazy feel of the place. I've been there to visit for a day, and one evening to hear about everything. And I still love it. Ah. It's just perfect for me. Now all I have to do, is choose a line. Yikes.

List of my favorite gymnasiums:


My first priority: Aurehøj Gymnasium
I really like Aurehøj. Great social atmosphere. Creative, fun. Great parties, great people. Great girls, and more importantly, great guys. Great musical opportunies. I love it!

I N G R I D     J E S P E R S E N

My second priority: Ingrid Jespersen's Gymnasium.
The lady at the bottom is Ingrid herself.
I went to Ingrid today, and I really liked it. Cosy atmosphere, smart people, smart teachers. Great lines for the subjects that I want. In the city. Has awesome roof terrace!

O R D R U P    ( O G )

My third priority: Ordrup Gymnasium (OG).
Ordup is a really nice place. Closeby. Lots of people from my class and school want to go there. Has a great social atmosphere, great parties, fun people. Not so great music though... Hm.

Well, those are pretty much my priorities for next year. I'll probably make it to change my mind a thousand times, but that's okay. I still have about 20 days (!!!!!!) to choose. Gulp.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry


  1. Hahahahaha! i laughed so hard, when i heard pigekorets rap!
    - Sophie

  2. Haha, I know, isn't it awesome? But it kind of freaks me out, when I know the people who are rapping... hahaha.
    - Carrie