Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For Your Sweet Tooth!

So. Hi.

Today, though it's a bit out of season by now, I'm going to show you how to make a Class A Gingerbread Man!

  • First, get all your ingredients ready (duh).
  • What we used is a store-bought, pre-made Gingerbread Man. This can be done more advancedly (and probably yummier) by baking a Gingerbread Man from scratch!
  • If you want to do this, here's a great recipe: Baking the Gingerbread man + making frosting
  • But, we skipped this part. For decorations, get out icing (just mix water and confectioners sugar, or check the recipe above!), smarties / M&M's, and sugary sprinkles for added fun!

Gingerbread Man Kit -- they don't make them more advanced, kiddo!

Sugary sprinkles for added fun!

It's more fun to "bake" with your friends -- we considers making boobs and other naughty stuff on our Gingerbread Man, but alas, we chose the mature option!

Work in progress!

  • To decorate your "Homme de Ginger", create a pattern using the frosting. If you have a large sweet tooth, put on a lot, but if not, take care! Results may vary!
  • Once you have found a nice pattern (could be a dress, shirts and pants, boobs and dicks, or a combination of everything), decorate the whole thing with smarties and/or other sugary sprinkles.
  • Tip: try using chocolate chips for buttons! Yummie!
The result should look a little something like this...

  • Though it is a pity to cut in our handsome Gingerbread Man, you must, if you don't want to stick the whole thing in your mouth.

All that is really left to do now, is just enjoy your scrumpty-dumptious Gingerbread Man!

Thanks for listening, and good luck!

I Am Roseberry

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