Saturday, December 18, 2010

After Happily Ever After ?

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C H R I S T M A S   C O U N T D O W N :
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Just a thought:

In love stories, the people in love can only have each other at the very end. In true love stories, the people in love might have each other – but when the very end comes, the story doesn’t stop. After the happy couple rides into the sunset together, our fabled love stories draw a blank. Because what happens when you hit "happily ever after"?
What more can you ask for? What can you say, when everything is supposedly perfect?
In real life, things tend to work out a bit differently. After "happily ever after", a thing or two can happen. Riding out into the sunset, the noble steed can backfire. While being carried to the Prince's castle, you can drop your glass slipper, and suddenly you're not the right Princess for him anymore. And before any of this happens, you just might make it to the ball, but somehow miss your Prince. What happens then? Have you missed your destiny, your one chance of "the one and only", or will fate simply deal you a new set of cards to work with?
Can you really shape your own destiny?
You can have as many Fairy Godmother's as you could possibly need. If they don't come to you out of free will, you can basically hire people to play the role of Fairy Godmother to your love-life. But when love isn't there any more, and "happily ever after" has become "happily never after", there really isn't anything else to do, than to pack up your poofy white dress, and get real. Learn to fight off the dragons and orks for yourself - stop growing your hair to let men climb to the top to save you. Because, really, if we can face plucking our eye-brows, shaving our hoo-hoo's, painting our faces and walking on 7-inch heels every day, what can a dragon or two really do to us?
We know, that in real life, "happily ever after" is a complicated affair, which many would argue doesn't exist. "Happily ever after" indicates that nothing happens after you have found your happy ending - yet, it doesn't indicate that your life ends with the ending. So what is the "happily ever after" really? An ending? A start?
Can the "happily ever after" exist, when we know that destiny might throw us a new set of cards at any second?
Who knows. I'm just glad I have my Fairy Godmother's to look after me.
THE END . . . For now,
I Am Roseberry

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