Friday, December 17, 2010

8 Days To Christmas!

So. Hi.

C H R I S T M A S    C O U N T D O W N :
8 Days To Christmas!

I'm sorry for my long absence. Truth is, I've been lying in my sofa with my comforter, watching TV all day -- not to mention the fact that I have been drowning in my own snot, and burning up in a fever of 39 degrees celsius most of the time. Did you guess it yet? Well, I'm sick. And I'm not British, but to those of you who are, by sick, I mean ill. I'm not puking (yet). But I'm so sick, that I have been staying home for 6 days now!!! All of which I have spent in my sofa, with the company of my little sister, who is also sick. Because of my illness, which I believe must be some really nasty variation of the flu, I have been missing out on so many of the things, that I have been looking forward to this whole month! Including, but not limited to, buying Christmas presents! I feel like a horrible sister / daughter / friend due to lack of presents... yikes... There are 7 days until Christmas Eve, and I can't even buy those damn presents, because I'm locked inside by my own disease! Aaarrggh!

Okay okay, Christmas Karma, Christmas Karma......

At this time of year, my choir has a lot of concerts going on. First, we have the concerts with kids, which we do in collaboration with Sigurd Barret and the Danish Symphony Orchestra. It's really quite a quaint experience, but after about the 10th concert, where we each and every time end with singing Sigurd's very own version of "A Partridge In A Pear Trea", in which he mentions the entire orchestra (this goes on for about 10 minutes).... let me just say, that the whole thing gets a little tiring. These concerts are finally over, but there are still more to come.

Coming up this weekend, on the 18th and 19th, we have the Girls Choir's Christmas Concert, an annual event in which all of the choirs of DR participate. I've been looking forward to these concerts all through December, and now... I'm sick!!!!! I've missed all of the rehearsals for the concert, and now I'm not even sure that I can go! I really hope that I can sing tomorrow, which is why I'm concentrating all of my energy on getting better.

Means of medication that I have used to try and cure myself through the week:
  • comforter: I wrapped myself tightly in my comforter and tried to sweat out the fever.
  • tea: I tried to dope myself with different assortments of tea.
  • chocolate milk: I....... like it.
  • water: My dad is always punking me to make me drink water every 2 minutes... I now carry a yellow bottle with a smiley on it with me at all times!
  • thermometer: I take my temperature every few hours, trying to tire the themometer into showing me that I am no longer sick :)
  • cartoons: Oh yeah. It's been Disney galore the last couple of days. Today I watched "A Very Merry Pooh Year", a Christmas movie with Winnie the Pooh and all his friends. Awww.
  • bad TV shows: I have watched. Gilmore. Fucking. Girls. So many times.
  • facebook: It's the only way to keep in touch with the real world... sigh....
In the vain hope that I might feel better, I've been internet shopping, or, not even real shopping, just virtual window-shopping. And even though it's slightly sad, not to be able to enjoy the real thing (sigh.... I haven't seen a store for 6 DAYS!!) it gets me in a really Christmassy mood. I have my friends calling me frequently about presents, and I feel kind of like some sort of Gift Central where everyone can call in and ask for references to stores, permission to buy, ideas and so on. Hehe. When they call, I'm not even surprised; I just say "What have you got?". I feel like the bad guy in an old James Bond movie -- you know, the guy who has that fluffy white cat, who swivels round in the chair, while saying "I've been expecting you..."

So with that strange, and rather unorthodox Christmas greeting, I wish you a merry 8-days-before-Christmas-day!

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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