Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beach House

So. Hi.

I'm guessing that you might be a bit bemused by the title, if you haven't yet heard of the band Beach House. Yesterday, I went to their awesome concert. It was great, really.

Beach House is an American indie rock duo formed in 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland, consisting of French-born Victoria Legrand on vocals and organ, and Baltimore native Alex Scally on guitar and keyboards. The band is often labeled a "dream pop" band due to their slow, atmospheric rhythms and haunting lyrics.
In my own words, Beach House is indeed a very dreamy band, especially the lead singer, Victoria. She has a beautiful and indeed haunting voice, mostly because her voice has a great range. At yesterdays concert, I also had the pleasure of hearing Alex Scally sing, which was, of course, wonderful. He's a bit more down-to-earth when singing than Victoria is, but I think that they both are great musicians in their own way - and they fit each other perfectly.

Anyways, I thought the concert was great. My friend Ida and I came really early, so we were one of the first people there. That I hadn't tried before, and it was nice not having to push and shove or wait in line to get in. Because we were like some of the first 10 people, we got to stand right in front of the stage - as in, we could lean on the stage and sit on it and almost touch the drum set. So we were good to go!

I had actually feared, that it would be slightly dull, since their style is so dreamy and mellow. But no, there was a great atmosphere in Vega, where they performed. The warm-up band, Our Broken Garden, was very psychedelic in feel, and served as a good, if only a bit boring, intro to the group. I hadn't expected Victoria, the lead singer of Beach House, to sing so well in real life, so I was very surprised - she really has a beautiful voice. Besides, the band set a great mood with three light-pillars placed behind them, creating a smooth light show, and smoke billowing around them on the stage.

I sort of got the feeling that I had stepped into the mind of a romantic smoking pot. In a good way.

I recommend Beach House as a band, and as a concert experience.

Thanks for listening.

I Am Roseberry

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