Tuesday, May 8, 2012

172800 Seconds Of Stressure.

So. Hi.

1 paper. 2 subjects, narrowed down to one. 2 days. 8 pages, plus formalities. 48 hours (that's 2880 minutes, or 172800 seconds) of laziness, stress, cramming and procrastinating. 99,9% hair-tearing wreck of a teenager. 0,1% brain. Innumeral amounts of nerves, word-vomits and books being torn apart in frustration. Millions of clicks, letters, failed attempts of avoiding Facebook, and back-cracks. 1 girl. Me.

DHO begins tomorrow. Am freaking out like a øajfødkæhfdsafjaædsfdsaælfhdsfhalfhaæsdfdshfæaf. Oh, the stressure (stress + pressure = stressure)!

Goodbye sanity. See you on Friday.

"Dansk/Historie-opgave". Danish/History assignment that all first year students have to write. DHO should stand for Dreaded Horrible Overly-emphasized-by-teachers-making-students-panic-for-no-reason-as-it-doesn't-really-count-for-anything assignment. Mine is tommorrow, and shall be turned in on Friday. 



I sure as hell ain't got no yeezy.

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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  1. Mit DHO-indlæg er lidt kortere... men tror vi har samme følelser indblandet.


    (håber du kender Michael Strunge...)