Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So. Hi.

The theme for Aurehøj's student party this Friday was supposed to be Pimps n' Hoes. But it turned out to be the theme "Swag" instead. So... What the hell is that?

The Roseberry Slang Dictionary:

To have or be "swag" is a kind of self-perception, that implies being cool, confident, and demanding respect. Furthermore, one needs to have plenty of attitude, or show off certain aspects of one's character, that are especially "badass".

There is considerable disagreement about the meaning of "swag". Many teens don't even know what it means, but nonetheless, we use it in many everyday situations, such as: "Justin Bieber is fucking swag", "that guy has so much swag" or "dude, your shirt is totally swag!".

The term is similar to "cool", but with influences from words like "gangster", "tough", "awesome" and other hierarchical street slang. For example, a person could have/be swag, if he/she is a pro rapper (i.e. Snoop Dog, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott).

To be "swag" can be said to be something undefinable, that makes a person/thing/ability awesome.

Ultimately, the term "swag" makes people think of gangsters and hip hop mammas. And of course, they have a lot of swagger.

But this "swag" thing got me thinking. There are so many other ways to be swag.

So I thought: Who is the most swag woman I know? Or at least one of them? Who has such a characteristic and swag look, that I would be able to duplicate its swagness?

One of the people I came up with, was Janelle Monáe.

Miss Monáe is beautiful, talented, musical, understatedly sexy, and has a really unique style. That's pretty swag if you ask me. And who can't be swag with hair like hers?

J A N E L L E    M O N Á E    I S    P R E T T Y

Janelle Monáe Cold War

Guess I know how I'll be dressing this Friday. Perhaps you'll get to see some pictures. If my swagger doesn't overwhelm you.
Thanks for listening,
I Am Roseberry.

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