Sunday, November 13, 2011

Calling Dr. Jones...

So. Hi.

There's only one explanation for why there's a stethoscope lying on my desk. Why I found a bright red garter lying in my bag. Why I got a text from a boy, on who's arm I'd written my number on last night. Or why the pen I used to do so was shaped like a needle. There's only one reason for me to have a slutty lab coat dress and a nurses cap lying in my closet. Or that my black high-heeled pumps are all grimy with dirt, along with my knee-high white socks with a little red ribbon on, which are currently being washed. There's only one reason I've been looking at doctors, dressed in lab coats with nametags reading "Dr. Pussy" and "Amateur Gynecologist", and red-lipped nurses wearing hardly anything. There's only one reason that the only pictures lining up on my Facebook page, are of guys and girls drooling all over eachother. There's only one reason, that every girl and boy I've talked to, wants to know who hooked up with who last night, and when, and for how long, and with how many other people, and with how much clothing on.

There's one reason, and one reason only. And that reason, my friends, is the infamous Doctor's Party at Aurehøj.

Aqua Dr. Jones

Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.


  1. Post more! I miss reading it! :)

  2. Aww, thanks so much. Things are quite busy right now, and I'm sorry for not posting more often. I'll try to improve the posting rate ;-) Thanks for the support!


  3. Lovely article!
    I really love the pictures