Sunday, May 22, 2011


So. Hi.

I have a major physics assignment that I really should be working on, in relation with my exams: it's called studying. I just can't seem to get properly started.

Why? The answer contains one word:


My computer is a vortex, that sucks in the entity of my spare time. The amount of time I spend on my computer can be staggering. I really don't know how it happens. All this time consists of little things, which suddenly pop up on my computer, and simply must be looked at this instance!

It's an evil circle really. I automatically log onto Facebook every time I turn on my computer. And once I'm there, there's always some clip on Youtube I need to watch, some status I need to check, some e-mail I need to send. It's amazing, really, the amount of time I can spend just stalking random people, whom I don't even know. Not to mention the hours and hours I can pour into that small chat-logo down in the side of the screen. And once I'm on Facebook, I've opened the gate to the rest of the net-based world.

There's always a slight change on my blog, real or ficticious (since I tend to hallucinate numbers going up and down, followers appearing and disappearing every time I look). Then there are all those little quirky things, that I can't stop myself from looking at. Sites such as Youtube, Tumblr, Gmail, Bloglovin' and Cucirca just magically appear on my screen, my hand unnoticably typing in their adresses. And if my mind wanders to clothes, I'm doomed. Crusading for clothing is simply another universe for me. All the thousands of fashionblogs on Bloglovin', Vogue, Tumblr, PolyvoreUrbanoutfitters and Asos. I get all schizophrenic at the thought of all these sites, which I seemingly devote the majority of my life to.

And now look at me. My poor physics assignment lies neglected at the foot of my screen, just gazing up at me, complaining that it would take a mere hour to finish. That is, if I could only stop procrastinating for just a second. 

Who am I kidding, really? Today, I actually went to work out, just so that I wouldn't have to think about my assignment; and going to the gym is something I usually procrastinate horrifically to get out of. So this is truly getting ridiculous.

So maybe, just maybe, instead of sitting here and talking about it, I should move the mouse of my computer a little to the left, click on my gapingly empty document, and just get the hell started.

Yes! That's what I'll do.

Right after I check my Facebook...

Okay. I've been here for a couple of hours. I don't think I can drag it out any longer. Now I'll either finish this stupid assignment, or find some way to get around it. Must stop procrastinating and show myself as a responsible adult....


Thanks for listening,

I Am Roseberry.

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